- Do you offer a military discount? Yes I do! I offer a discount to all military, educators, + first responders. Always.

- Do you pose us? I will guide you, but I prefer natural connection. Does that mean you have to show up as a professional? Nope! I'll help you get comfortable and we'll be laughing before you know it. Don't forget, I will grab a few smiles (grandparents love those).

- How many photographs will I receive? I don't hold your images hostage or force you to pay extra (mini sessions are a bit different) You may pay a little bit more than "that friend of yours that does cheap photography", but if it's good, it's yours. Quality is my PROMISE! What is defined as good/bad? The bad would be blurry, blinking, unflattering, or 85 of the same photo. The good is everything else. I do edit many and deliver many... so be prepared. A wedding populates anywhere from 60-100 images per hour depending on the flow of the day, additional shooters, etc. 

-Do we meet in person before booking a wedding or larger event? If you're local, and our schedules permit, I'd love to! Coffee is life, + we can really see if we vibe together! However, it isn't necessary. Many of my clients and brides book without meeting me. My online presence is precisely who I am. I urge you to follow my work insta as well as my personal insta!!! @megdreyfus or @moo_and_lou.  << you'll get to know me in no time.

-What if we don't want our images shared on any platform? I get it. There are so many variables when it comes to this, + I respect each and every client of mine. However, as a creative, I rely heavily on social marketing. This is my livelihood. Just like you've looked at my portfolio when booking, others will too.  With that being said, I will always honor privacy, but a disclosure fee will be added.

-Do you offer prints or albums? Yessss! And I'll never push that sale on you. I can tell you how important it is to print your memories, but ultimately you make the decision. Seeing my children on my walls every day fills my heart with 8million explosions. No lie. In all seriousness, I can usually swing a discount and help you pick out tangible products. You won't regret it.

- What is this Keepsake Film thing? Ohhh!! I'm so glad you asked. A Keepsake film is exactly that. We film for an hour or so doing something that you want to remember. Something that you want to cherish for the rest of your life. I whip that into the most beautiful 3-5 minute film, and then deliver it. Everyone cries. This isn't just for motherhood. This can be dad coaching little league, a dance recitals, baking cookies, bubble baths, a romantic beach getaway. Anything and everything is worth filming.

-How long is a Wedding Film? I film your wedding (however many hours we agreed on), and then I go through every second of footage that I took, grab the best moments, and create a 5-7 minute HIGHLIGHT film. With music and audio! This is industry standard. For an additional fee I'll create a Doc Edit, which consists of clips of the day in chronological  order. Up to 30 minutes.

-What happens if you get deployed, sick, or have another emergency on our wedding day? This has never happened. However, I have plans in place for these kinds of things. My associate shooter will become lead, and I will hire another second shooter from a group of wedding photographers that have passed the Meg Dreyfus test.  I treat your memories as my own, so I would leave you in 10000% capable hands.