I have about 2.5 seconds to catch your attention, so let's just get to it!  I am a wedding + lifestyle photographer and filmmaker based in the heart of Tampa, Florida.  "I'm not just any mom, I'm a 'COOL' mom!" <For all of my movie buffs... name the movie!  I am who I am because of my two little boys, I love all things caffeinated or sugary, 90s music gets my blood pumping (with a little bit of gangsta rap and romantic country twang). Also, as a military family, we have traveled and lived all over the world... and I want to continue to take my kids to as many places as I can.  Photographs preserve my memories, while films take me back to the that exact moment in time. Somehow with the combination of the sounds, movements, and visuals I can close my eyes and go back. I am a time traveler, and I am passing on my legacy through art. 

This is the part where I'm supposed to tell you how much I LOVE photography + filmmaking and that I started off shooting film before digital was a "thing", and that I was basically born with a camera in my hands.  All true things, but you want to know who is REALLY behind the camera, am I right?  What makes me different than the one zillion other photographers in the world?  Why do my clients choose me + keep choosing me multiple times a year? Drumroll please!...  I keep it real! My personality is awesome (don't crush my ego). I provide memorable sessions! I learn little quirks about you... and am always down for a coffee date.  I thoroughly enjoy every category of being a creative, but find that I wildly obsess over gorgeous wedding details, the hustle + bustle of a timeline, and the way you look at each other throughout the night. Don't get me started with destination weddings!!!  I'm equally infatuated with a documentary-styled approach with all of my couples, families, + newborns.  I like to see your hair blowing in the wind, a snuggle from mom + dad, and those fresh new wrinkles on your brand new baby. Things don't have to be perfect, they just need to real. You.